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Leges Anglorum, a rege Ina ad Henricum III — London, Guildhall.

Provenance: London, Guildhall.
Location: Corpus Christi College , Cambridge
Shelfmark: 70
Author/Title: Leges Anglorum, a rege Ina ad Henricum III
Type of evidence: ic: evidence from an inscription of ownership and from contents
Notes on evidence:

Formerly bound with MS 258 as appears from the script of marginalia (s. xv) and of the text (?), the inscriptions (MS 70 p. 101, MS 258 p. 1), 'Horn michi cognomen Andreas est michi nomen', and the note at the end of MS 70: 'Non erit plus nunc quia satis habes in II libris subsequentibus videlicet libro vocato Speculum Iusticiare et altero libro vocato Brethun'. Evidently, these are Horn's compilations and no doubt identical with the second of the four books he bequeathed to the Guildhall: 'vnum alium librum de veteribus [[legibus]] Anglie cum libro vocato Bretoun et cum libro vocato speculum Iustic''.

The booklets were bound together from the early 14th cent. until at least 1600 but were separated by 1722.

Date: s. xiv in.
Medieval Catalogue: SH46.2 ?= SH47.6

Further details of medieval catalogues:

The book was lost to the Corporation of London by 1575, being bequeathed in that year to Corpus Christi by Archbishop Matthew Parker.