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Miscellanea medica, etc. — Lynn, King's, Norfolk. Carmelite convent.

Provenance: Lynn, King's, Norfolk. Carmelite convent.
Location: Bodleian Library , Oxford
Shelfmark: Ashmole 1398, pp. 1–214
Author/Title: Miscellanea medica, etc.
Type of evidence: i: evidence from an inscription of ownership by an individual member of a religious house (which may not, however, be evidence for institutional ownership)
Notes on evidence:

"Hic liber constat fratri Roberto Walton. ordinis carmelitarum conventus Lenn. Ex dono et consessione fratris Rogeri Roo" (p. 187), s. xv in.

Date: s. xiii

Another part of the volume, distinet at the time, belonged c. 1500 to Fountains, q. v.