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Collectanea Carmelitica (manu J. Bale) — Norwich, Norfolk. Carmelite convent.

Provenance: Norwich, Norfolk. Carmelite convent.
Location: Bodleian Library , Oxford
Shelfmark: Seld. supra 41
Author/Title: Collectanea Carmelitica (manu J. Bale)
Type of evidence: inferred evidence
Date: s. xvi in. (between 1524 & 1530)

Written between 1524 & 1530, see fol. 190r–v: on fol. 190v the date 1530 has been added.

Throughout in the hand of John Bale.

Binding with Nicholas Spierink's rolls I and II: these are not found on any binding later than 1529, so far as is knwon.