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Evangelia quatuor glo. — Osney, Oxfordshire. Augustinian abbey of St Mary the Virgin.

Provenance: Osney, Oxfordshire. Augustinian abbey of St Mary the Virgin.
Location: Magdalen College, Oxford
Shelfmark: lat. 130
Author/Title: Evangelia quatuor glo.
Type of evidence: e: evidence from an ex-libris inscription or note of gift to an institution
Notes on evidence:

Magdalen College, lat. 121–132 are a complete collection of glossed books of the Bible collected by John Grene 'Coventriensis' in s. xv med. and all, except perhaps 218, were evidently in the possession of one religious house at an earlier date. Traces of the place-name in 124 and 130 suggest Osney and this is confirmed by the letter-marks and numbers.

The place-name is of four letters, the second s, the first either u or E. Osney seems virtually certain; cf. MS. 124.

'Liber sancte marie de(?) [.]s[..] Ex dono Willelmi de sancto martino capellano' on recto of flyleaf, fol. ii recto, s. xiii ex., erased.

'R' fol. 1r, top in the middle.

Date: s. xiii in.



'Liber M. J. Grene', as in MS. 121. He wrote on fol. i recto 'Decima pars biblie . . .' (cf. MS. 121).