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J. Gadesden, Rosa medicine — Oxford, Oxfordshire. All Souls' College.

Provenance: Oxford, Oxfordshire. All Souls' College.
Location: Cathedral , Exeter
Shelfmark: 3506
Author/Title: J. Gadesden, Rosa medicine
Type of evidence: b: evidence from binding or elements of a binding typical of a particular library, or pastedowns bearing evidence of provenance
Notes on evidence:

2o folio 'illo sanguine' identifies the MS. probably with Rosa medicine 2o folio 'io sanguine' recorded in All Souls catalogues in the Vellum Inventory (s. xv ex., a. d. 1576; see e. g. fol. 25r); possibly no. 12 in T. James' list, a. d. 1600.

Binding of white leather over boards, perhaps s. xvi; the clasping is like All Souls work. 

Date: s. xiv ex.
Medieval Catalogue Notes: Cat. 209, 134; inv. fol. 25

'John Woolton' and 'Ricardus Ackworth' (s. xvii). Given by John Mongwell, Senior, January, 1658.

'Caucio magistri Thome Mordon [LLB Cantab., a. d. 1405] exposita ciste de Derlyngton. pro iij h. in festo sancti Leonardi et habet tria suplementa ysiderum [sic] cum aliis manipulum florum et zonam argenteam'.


'J. Grenstede me scripsit' (fol. 239v), in the main hand.