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J. Gadesden, Rosa medicinae — Oxford, Oxfordshire. All Souls' College.

Provenance: Oxford, Oxfordshire. All Souls' College.
Location: British Library, London
Shelfmark: Sloane 280
Author/Title: J. Gadesden, Rosa medicinae
Type of evidence: e: evidence from an ex-libris inscription or note of gift to an institution
  • Evidence:
  • Ownership inscriptions
  • Evidence:
  • Ownership inscription
  • Evidence:
  • Ownership inscription
Notes on evidence:

'Liber Collegii animarum in Oxon.' (fol. 2v, s. xvi).

'Liber collegii animarum omnium defunctorum in Oxon.' (fol. 10r, at foot, on erasure).

Date: s. xv

'Liber Willelmi Romesey quem fecit scribi' (fol. 2v foot, s. xv).



Flyleaves (formerly pasted down) from a homiliary well written in Enlish hand of c. 1000 (fols. 1, 286).

2o folio (fol. 10r): 'et sanguis qui fiet'.

Mark of chain on fols. 1–5 at head.

William Romsey was fellow of Merton 1448, gave 3 books to Merton in 1493 and MS Oriel 6 to Oriel. Merton MSS. 47 and Oriel 6 were written at Romsey's cost ('quem fieri fecit').