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Aristoteles lat. — Oxford, Oxfordshire. Balliol College.

Provenance: Oxford, Oxfordshire. Balliol College.
Location: University Library , Cambridge
Shelfmark: Ii.2.10
Author/Title: Aristoteles lat.
Type of evidence: e: evidence from an ex-libris inscription or note of gift to an institution
Notes on evidence:

At end (s. xv ex.): 'Istum textum philosophie legavit magister Robertus [N. B. variant readings; the name is Robert Rabm] Norman post decessum suum quondam socius collegii de Balliolo Oxon. eidem collegio. Set supplicat ut orent socii collegii [?] pro eo.'

Date: s. xiv

In Cambridge by 1600 (T. James no. 106).