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Augustinus, De civitate dei; Gregorius, Moralia in Iob — Oxford, Oxfordshire. Lincoln College.

Provenance: Oxford, Oxfordshire. Lincoln College.
Location: Bodleian Library , Oxford
Shelfmark: Bodley 198
Author/Title: Augustinus, De civitate dei; Gregorius, Moralia in Iob
Type of evidence: e: evidence from an ex-libris inscription or note of gift to an institution
Notes on evidence:

'Liber Collegii Lincolniensis in Oxonia ex dono doctoris Thome Gascoigne ebori. diocesis' (first three words scrorred through).

'... IHC ...' marking, and notes by Gascoigne.

A note by Francis Babington on fol. 1r.

Date: s. xiii
Medieval Catalogue Notes: Cat. 1

Tho. Allen.



2o folio: 'quanto minora'.

No. 1 of the [...] books given to Lincoln College by Gascoigne in a composition of 143 and returned to him for life (Reg. Vetus, fol. 3); 2o folio agrees.

The Oxford Franciscans gave it to Gascoigne, q. v.