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Euclides, Elementa; etc. — Oxford, Oxfordshire. Merton College.

Provenance: Oxford, Oxfordshire. Merton College.
Location: Bodleian Library , Oxford
Shelfmark: Digby 178, fols. 1–4, 88–115
Author/Title: Euclides, Elementa; etc.
Type of evidence: s: evidence from the style of script or illumination
Date: s. xiv

Writing in hand of Simon Bredon on fols. 9r–10v, 11v–13v, 13v–14r.


Harley 625, Digby 178 fols. 1–14, 88–115 and probably Cotton Tib. B.ix fols. 1–4, 225–235, formed one volume given to Merton College by Simon Bredon (Powicke, no. 385): see A. G. Watson, BLR 9 (1976) 207–217.

Fols. 1–14 have medieval foliation 230–239, 241–244; fol. 14 was pasted down; fols. 88–115 have medieval foliation 176–204.