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Iohannes Gobius (iunior), Scala celi — Thremhall, Essex. Augustinian priory of St James.

Provenance: Thremhall, Essex. Augustinian priory of St James.
Location: Dr Williams's Library, London
Shelfmark: 4010 Q.10 (pr. bk.)
Author/Title: Iohannes Gobius (iunior), Scala celi
Type of evidence: i: evidence from an inscription of ownership by an individual member of a religious house (which may not, however, be evidence for institutional ownership)
Notes on evidence:

3 inscriptions reading 'Orate pron anima domini Iohannis herbert' prioris prioratus de Thremhale' (c. 1500).

Date: 1485, Louvain

N[athaniel] L[ardner] Jan 23, 1750/51.


Bound with P. Comestor, Hist. scol., Strasbourg 1485, and another; all three belonged in s. xvi1 to Thomas Horsley.

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