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R. Rolle — Bristol, Gloucestershire. Hospital of St Mary Magdalen.

Provenance: Bristol, Gloucestershire. Hospital of St Mary Magdalen.
Location: Bodleian Library , Oxford
Shelfmark: Bodley 953
Author/Title: R. Rolle
Type of evidence: i: evidence from an inscription of ownership by an individual member of a religious house (which may not, however, be evidence for institutional ownership)
Notes on evidence:

The manuscript is illuminated with the arms and inscription of Thomas, Lord Berkeley, who bequeathed it to the hospital (Register Chichele I, fol. 306v); N. L. Ramsay & J. M. W. Willoughby, Hospitals, Towns, and the Professions, CBMLC 14 (2009), SH7.

Date: s. xv in
Medieval Catalogue: SH7.1

Further details of medieval catalogue: SH7. SECULAR INSTITUTIONS: Hospitals, Towns, and the Professions: Bristol hospital: Bequest by Lord Berkeley, 2 February 1415/16