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Gregorius, Dialogi (in French) — Oxford, Oxfordshire. Augustinian priory of St Frideswide.

Provenance: Oxford, Oxfordshire. Augustinian priory of St Frideswide.
Location: Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris, France
Shelfmark: fr. 24766
Author/Title: Gregorius, Dialogi (in French)
Type of evidence: i: evidence from an inscription of ownership by an individual member of a religious house (which may not, however, be evidence for institutional ownership)
Notes on evidence:

'Explicit opus manuum mearum quod compleui. Ego frater A. subdiaconus. Sancte Frideswide seruientium minimus. Anno uerbi incarnati. .Mº.ccº.xiiº. Mense .xiº. Ebdomada .iiiiª. feria .vi. In vigilia sancti Andree Apostoli. Anno conuersionis mee .viiº. Ad laudem et honorem domini nostro Ihesu Christi Qui cum patre et spiritu sancto viuit et Regnat deus per infinita secula seculorum. Amen.' (fol. 151r).

At the end of the translation of the of the Life of St Gregory, and in the same hand as the colophon on fol. 151r, is 'Istud compleui conuersionis mee anno ixo Sacerdocii ijo, In vigilia apostolorum Philippi et Iacobi' (fol. 174r).

Date: s. xiii in